Making Quality Products for your Business

We are a Certified Organic Processor and our facility is State and federally licensed and inspected.

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Sweet Creek Foods

23314 W. Sheffler Rd., Elmira, OR 97437

Phone: 541-935-1615 Fax: 541-935-3204

Sweet Creek Foods offers co-packing services to farms who wish to create value added products from their harvests and to small food businesses that for many reasons would rather stick with the selling and marketing and let us do the processing.

Sweet Creek Foods specializes in processing and packing in glass jars. We can offer cold or hot fill, hot water bath and over-pressure retorting for glass. We also offer labeling services – design, printing and applying.

We at Sweet Creek Foods can take raw ingredients and blanch, grind, puree, pulp, slice or dice, mix and cook to what your special product needs.

Our Promise to You

Our mission will always be to source our produce locally for our products. As the years have gone by we have grown our product offerings based on the produce that can be grown by farmers in our region. We feel that when food is kept and grown close to home there is much better quality control and care put into its production. We can all work together to buy local, grow local, and support our local food economy so that it remains strong for years to come. Small farmers, processors and the food that they produce provide vital support for communities and need to be protected. One way that we can all work together to protect our local food resources is to buy locally grown and produced foods and products. Supporting local is supporting our future!