Dear Food wizards,

I just got finished making a homemade pizza with your mushroom and garlic tomato sauces and it was one of the most incredible tasting things I have ever eaten. I’ve been on a Keto diet for the last two months and I have really missed pizza. I found a recipe for “Chicken Crust Pizza” and I needed a good low carb pizza sauce. I was shopping at Lifesource, here in Salem, I was browsing through the pizza sauces. Not only was your sauce almost HALF the carbs than the other sauces, it was also local so I wanted to give it a shot. After I prepared the pizza crust I opened the jar of sauce and began to spoon a good helping (since it was only 4 carbs a serving) onto the crust. It had such a nice thick texture, it really hung onto the crust and could be generously spread to cover all over. The last pizza sauce that I used was so thin I could never quite get an even coverage. Your sauce had a nice thick consistency that made it feel like a real pizza. I added my cheese and toppings and put it back in the oven. When it was done I could already tell it was going to be a better experience than my last pizza. The pizza had a rich full smell and look to it, my mouth was already watering.

Then I took a bite. Your sauce was so juicy, so sweet, so incredibly delicious, I was instantly reminded of how much I missed a good pizza since I’ve been on Keto. It wasn’t just the best Keto pizza sauce I’ve ever tasted, it was the best pizza sauce I’ve ever tasted. Period.

As I was eating it I was thinking it was a crime that this sauce is only available in two stores in Salem, it should be in every grocery store flying off the shelves. It should be in every pizza restaurant and in every pizza lovers kitchen cupboard.

I’ve never even thought of contacting a manufacturer before, but I just had to let you know how I feel, and thank you for helping a struggling former pizza addict find happiness in Keto Pizza heaven. I can’t wait to try the rest of your products and use all of your low carb options for my recipes going forward.

I also decided to pen a letter to every grocery store and supermarket in town and plead with them to get your products on their shelves, everyone should have the experience I just had.

Best of luck with your business, and keep up the good work and awesome flavors.

Your friend in pizza, Joel

(this was the first hand type “in the mail” letter of appreciation we have ever recieved!)

Thank you Joel, this made our day!

Thank you! Your products are a breath of fresh air in amongst the “corporate” foods from muir glenn and field day… we have a co-op in Port Townsend and that is where I bought your tomato sauce….Thanks! You were my ONLY option!



Just a brief note of appreciation for your apricot fruit spread. I had basically given up on finding a professionally made jam that (1) tasted like apricots and (2) wasn’t too sweet.

I took a chance on your fruit spread and… WOW, great stuff!

Thanks again,

Steve from Terrebonne OR

I got some of your enchilada sauce and it was the best I’ve ever had…. I live in Washington state, where can I get more?!

Thank you!!!


Again, you win a blue ribbon. I just got my jar of Chili dills out of the fridge and cut one pickle into nice thin slabs then put it on a baked tofu sandwich . Wow. It made the sandwich. It’s very apparent that you all do your food with a lot of love, and the best vibes ever. I was literally singing and dancing after having a bite of one of the leftover slices!! I’m so happy you are making healthy local foods. I hope you keep doing it for may years to come. I’d shout it to the world if I had a huge megaphone…

The best to you,



I have recently discovered your pickled beets through Azure Standard and am so happy to find pickled beets that do not have added sugar or high fructose corn syrup! WAY TO GO!!! They are soo delicious, I am going to order a full case with my next Azure order.

Thank you for offering such a quality product. I look forward to trying some of your other products as well!

Thanks again,



A few months back in
February of this year my wife was beginning labor with our first child. She was hungry and wanted some food to ease her anxiety and pain. I went to the Whole Foods across the street from the hospital and bought some bread and your raspberry fruit spread for the first time. Wow! The fruit spread was so delicious and it really helped my wife get through her first few hours of labor, as well as re-energized me from lack of sleep the night before. Thank you for your delicious creation to the world!